Oral Surgeons With An Emphasis on Technology, Experience, and Compassion

At our oral surgery practice in Oak Ridge and Crossville, we perform a full range of procedures, from implant placement to advanced jaw surgery, helping patients experience the best possible outcome and excellent long-term results. Drs. Andrew CheungLindsey Nagy, and Travis Witherington have many years of experience, and are assisted by a team of compassionate nurses, some of whom have been working with us for 30 years. We proudly use the latest technology to provide predictable treatment results with minimal discomfort. Our patients can expect care administered by skilled hands and compassionate hearts. 

What Sets Our Team Apart

We are committed to ongoing education, and stay informed of the latest developments in the field. When necessary, our Oral Surgeons will join forces with your family dentist and any other members of your treatment team. 

Our staff is helpful, friendly, and cheerful. We will always greet you with a warm smile. Under our care, your surgeon will keep you informed of all your treatment options, and you will actively participate in determining the best way to meet your needs. Your surgeon will follow up with you after your procedure to ensure your recovery is a success. 

We stay informed of the latest developments in the field, and we are always willing to try an innovative approach if it is in your best interest.

Oral Surgeons Are Dental Implant Specialists

illustration of a single dental implant above the lower jaw

Types of Dental Implants
We offer several types of dental implants so that we can offer this advanced treatment to the greatest number of patients. With our expertise and experience, we will select the right type of dental implant to provide you with a strong, long-lasting restorative dentistry solution.


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illustration of a dental implant-supported denture in the upper jaw arch

Implant-supported Dentures
Dental implant treatment has been a life-changing breakthrough for denture wearers. With as few as four dental implants, we can create a comfortable and incredibly stable support system for your denture. You can laugh, speak, and chew without worrying about your denture shifting out of place. 


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Relax in Our Comfortable, Pleasant Offices

We want to make your experience as pleasant as possible. There are two comfortable waiting areas, one used by those preparing for surgery and another by those preparing for an exam. Both are stocked with magazines and feature free Wi-Fi. We also have a separate lounge reserved for the families of those undergoing lengthy procedures. This area has a fireplace, comfortable chairs, coffee, and an Apple TV. There is also a recovery area, so your family can join you when you wake up following surgery.

Our Range of Treatments

Dental implants are a major focus of our practice, and we offer several types of implants to meet a range of needs. Other treatments include:

Throughout all of our procedures, patients benefit from our advanced technology. i-CAT cone beam scans and SIMPLANT® computer-guided implant placement help ensure that treatment is accurate, personalized, and efficient. We also offer several types of sedation, and our surgeons are state-certified to administer general anesthesia.

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