Dental Technology for More Effective, Precise Oral Surgery

Benefits of Dental Technology

By incorporating the latest dental technology into our practice, we can provide the best possible oral surgery results. Advanced imaging allows your surgeon to make more accurate diagnoses, and to create precise treatment plans. As a result, procedures have a higher success rate. In most cases, you can experience minimized discomfort, and a shorter, easier recovery. 

Cone Beam Imaging

Oral Surgery Specialists of Tennessee is proud to be the first practice to bring the i-CAT® cone beam scanner to the area. This device is similar to an x-ray machine, but can produce a three-dimensional image. The scan also involves negligible radiation exposure. With the detailed images of your teeth, jaw, and surrounding structures, we can identify your needs, create a treatment plan, and provide outstanding results. We work with an oral and maxillofacial radiologist who can provide radiology reports and second opinions as needed.

Our i-CAT Next Generation machine generates detailed 3D imaging as shown here.

SIMPLANT® Computer-Guided Implant Treatment

SIMPLANT® will use images of your jaw to produce a surgical guide. With this physical template, your practitioner can move seamlessly from treatment planning to surgery. SIMPLANT® is compatible with over 100 types of dental implants. Meanwhile, the initial images will display on a chairside computer, so you can ask questions and stay fully informed about your care every step of the way. 

X-Guide™ Dynamic 3D Navigation System

The success of dental implant treatment depends largely on the optimal placement of the posts. Designed for surgeons to use during dental implant surgery, the X-Guide system provides turn-by-turn guidance for incredible precision. The system uses dynamic 3D navigation to allow the surgeon to visualize specific surgical movements, as well as the patient’s anatomy, to successfully transfer the treatment plan to the patient. By allowing the surgeon to optimize the implant position, angle, and depth, the X-Guide system both simplifies treatment and maximizes success. OSST is proud to be the first to introduce this technology to East Tennessee.

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